CoopEst is a financial instrument built on the solid foundations of renowned European social economy investors, international finance institutions, ethical banks, venture capitalists and civil society.

In return, investors can rely on CoopEst for sound ALM and funding architecture. Bonds are being withdrawn according to the investments. The funding architecture protects senior bond holders with the mezzanine bonds and capital. The shares have to amount to a minimum of 20%, mezzanine bonds account for 30% and the remaining 50% are dedicated to senior bonds. The coupons are diversified according to these risk levels.

The first tranche of shares and bonds, totaling EUR 15,062,000, dates back from December 2006. It was fully invested by mid-2009. Since then several tranches have been subscribed totaling EUR 42,480,000 of which EUR 40,850,000 are invested (1st quarter of 2016).

Indicators of profitability (ROE and dividend distrubution) can be consulted here.