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Paris-Nanterre, France

Crédit Coopératif is a diversified French banking group which offers its clients an extensive range of products and services.

As it is a cooperative, its clients hold the capital. They are essentially corporate bodies:  social economy organisations, associations, cooperatives, mutual benefit associations, unions, work councils, housing associations, companies affiliated to organisations, small and medium-sized businesses. It also serves private individuals who are closely associated with these businesses and organisations.

A banking partner for numerous non-profit organisations, Crédit Coopératif is one of the pioneers of solidarity based finance, with the largest existing range of ethical and shared banking products and investments.


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Paris-Courbevoie, France

Founded in 1990, ESFIN-IDES specializes in the provision of equity and mezzanine financing for Social Economy enterprises and SMEs.


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Paris, France

MACIF is a mutual insurance company the activities of which are guided by sustainable development and socially responsible approach. In that way MACIF, through Participatory Governance, places its members in the centre of the enterprise undertakings and gives an essential role to its delegates.


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Brussels, Belgium

With more than 15 years of experience in financing Social Economy enterprises through¬out Europe, Soficatra is a key player in equity or quasi-equity investments in small and medium-sized enterprises associated with the cooperative, mutual and associative economy as well as in companies with direct staff partici¬pation in the management and shareholding or employee buy-out.


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Trento, Italy

The European Ethical and Alternative Financing Company was founded in 2002 by the members of the Federation of European Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA).


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Warsaw, Poland

TISE is a loan fund financing NGOs and innovative ventures in Poland. Formerly TISE was a venture capital provider for the micro-enterprise sector in Poland.