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Michal Radziwill


Bruno Dunkel


Izabela Norek


Joanna Wardzinska

Monika Czerwinska

Francesco Grieco

Nicolas Gerard

Valérie Valente

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Michał Radziwiłł graduated from the Economics and Finance Department at Institut d’Etudes Politiques – Sciences Po (Paris) in 1991 and from the Department of Applied Linguistics at Warsaw University in 1988. Michał has a wide experience in various areas of finance and audit. He is bilingual Polish/French, fluent in English, Russian and German. He worked for audit firms (Deloitte & Touche and Mazars) as well as international corporations. Michał joined TISE in 2000.

Since 2006 Michał has actively contributed to the creation of CoopEst and the development of its investment activity. Simultaneously to the duties of Chairman of the Executive Committee of CoopEst he holds the position of General Manager of TISE SA (Warsaw).

Native in Polish and French, Michał speaks English, Russian, German and Italian. 

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Bruno is member of CoopEst Executive Committee since the start of the company in 2007 and was also closely involved with the investors negotiation preceding the launch of CoopEst.

Bruno has 18 years of experience in SME financing and service support at European level. His experience is mainly focused to equity and long term investment for cooperatives and social enterprises. He has extensive and successful track record of investments across a broad range of sectors as well as in the sector of microfinance. Beside CoopEst he was also involved in the creation or transformation of other financial instruments for the Social Economy sector throughout the European Union.

Bruno holds a Degree in Economics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and studied also Politics and European Studies at the Ludwig Maximilian Universität in Munich.

Native in French, Bruno speaks German, English and Italian.

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Izabela took the position of CoopEst Risk Manager in 2009 and in 2012 she has also joined the CoopEst Executive Committee.

Her professional career has always been linked to business development, including a start-up phase and 12 years of managing a microfinance organisation in Poland, for which she raised over 3 million Euros of grants. During that period she gained an in-depth knowledge of microfinance, supplemented by study tours of various MFIs in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Additionally, for two years she served as Board member of the Polish Association of Loan Funds.

She holds a Masters’ degree in English philology and a post-graduate Diploma in Business from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. She also attended trainings at Oregon State University and University of Colorado, USA.

Native Polish, Izabela is fluent in English, conversational in Russian and currently learning French.

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Joanna Wardzińska graduated from Warsaw University of Technology (Faculty of Fine Mechanics). She has a wide experience in finance and banking, in particular in assessment of investment projects, venture capital, and SME and NGO financing.

From 1980 to 1990 Joanna worked in the Regional Hospital in Ciechanów, where she held the position of operational director. Till 1994 she was directing the Department of Regional Economic Development in the Local Government Office in Ciechanów, where he worked on the privatization of state enterprises.

From 1994 to 1996, when launching TISE as a venture capital fund, Joanna, CEO, build an investment portfolio of 15 SMEs. From 1996 to 2007 Joanna worked in BISE bank as member of the management board (Vice-Chairwoman as of 2002). She was responsible for sales and networking, product development for NGOs and business clients, cooperation with the guarantee funds, lending policies of the Bank, acquiring refinancing lines, cooperation with the World Bank for the financing of local governments, and with the Council of Europe Development Bank on financing the development of SMEs.

From 2007 to 2009 Joanna was member of the management board. Since 2009 she acts as Vice-Chairwoman of TISE. 

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Monika holds a Master Degree in Management from SGGW (Warsaw University of Life Sciences) and in European Studies from SGH (Warsaw School of Economics). Immediately after her studies she started working for TISE, a Polish loan fund for SMEs and NGOs. She is responsible for preparing external funding applications, including the JEREMIE initiative and social economy financing. In 2007 she joined CoopEst, where she takes part in the due diligences and the portfolio monitoring. 

Native Polish, Monika speaks English and French.

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Francesco joined Inpulse as Social Performance Officer in September 2014. Previous to Inpulse Francesco was Program Manager at the European Microfinance Network in Brussels and worked for 6 years in Morocco where he served as Program Manager for the Development Cooperation Office of the Italian Embassy carrying out an initiative aiming at strengthening a selection of local MFIs through technical and financial support. Francesco holds a master degree in International Relations from the University of Bologna and a master degree in Microfinance from the University of Brussels. In 2008 he took part in the Boulder Microfinance Program of the ITCILO. Francesco speaks Italian, French and English.

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Nicolas Gerard joined Inpulse, manager of CoopEst, in 2012 to strengthen management control, compliance, reporting, ICT, and communication. He started his financial career as loan analyst in a commercial bank, then managed the investment workflow of the Belgian investment fund for social entrepreneurship.

Nicolas is native in Dutch and French, and speaks English, Italian, and Spanish. He has two Master Degrees in Linguistics. He also has a Master Degree in Management from the Solvay Business School (Free University of Brussels). Nicolas is international at heart and an expert in getting things done. His interests are business ethics and organisational development.

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Valérie joined Inpulse as Executive Secretary in 2014. She contributed to the administration support of CoopEst and more recently CoopMed since their inception. From 1997 to 2014 Valérie was Executive Secretary at Soficatra an investment company with a special focus on Social Economy SMEs (i.e cooperatives, mutuals) in the European Union. Valérie speaks French, English and Italian.