Who we are

Since 2006 CoopEst provides medium and long-term financial facilities to socially-oriented financial intermediaries in Central and Eastern Europe and Caucasus. As such, CoopEst is a professional, innovative and committed long-term financial partner aiming to foster economic and social development. Read more about CoopEst's mission here.

Ever since startup, CoopEst has been optimising its operating costs, increasing funding at the same speed as the portfolio growth, hence developing a sustainable growth strategy. In 2013, a first dividend has been paid to the shareholders. More highlights, indicators and ratios can be seen here.

CoopEst's day-to-day business is being managed by Inpulse, appointed by the Board. Michał Radziwiłł and Bruno Dunkel combine 45 years of experience in social finance. They are multilingual and multi-skilled. Read more about the Executive Committee and the other CoopEst staff here.

The managers report to the Board of Directors, the decisional organ of CoopEst. The Directors are representatives of the shareholders as well as the bondholders. Meet the CoopEst Directors here.

CoopEst is a member of the European Microfinance Network (EMN) and the Microfinance Centre (MFC).


CoopEst has endorsed the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision.

CoopEst has. been awarded with the SRI Label "Label Financité & FairFin".